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ICC Cricket ODI Rankings

ICC One Day 2012 Rankings

Rank Team Matches Points Rating
1 England 25 3016 121
2 South Africa 18 2170 121
3 India 30 3598 120
4 Australia 28 3164 113
5 Sri Lanka 32 3470 108
6 Pakistan 28 2907 104
7 West Indies 20 1879 94
8 New Zealand 17 1258 74
9 Bangladesh 16 1134 71
10 Zimbabwe 14 700 50
11 Ireland 6 207 35
12 Netherlands 4 63 16
13 Kenya 4 45 11

The rules of One Day Rankings are similar to that of Test Match Rankings. The following are some of the important variations:

  • »  Batsmen receive noteworthy credit for scoring runs fast.
  • »  They are given less credit to remain not-out as mostly not-out batsmen bat at the lower order and the value of the wicket is low.
  • »  The bowlers who bowl for more overs and concede less runs to the opponent side receive good rankings, even though they have not dismissed any batsmen.
  • »  In case of One Day Rankings, the players lose ½% of their points if they do not participate in a match for their country, whereas in Test Match Rankings they have to lose 1% of their points.
  • »  All One Day International (ODI) Matches are treated equally but good performers of ICC Cricket World Cup matches receive additional recognition.
  • »  Scoring more runs or taking exceptional wickets against weak countries does not give a player much acknowledgment. But a similar performance against a strong ODI nation brings more points to the player.

If we talk about the One Day Rankings of a team, the calculation is done as follows:

  • »  The ranking of a team is based on the results of the matches it plays.
  • »  The ranking is equivalent to the total points gained by the team divided by the total number of matches played. (Series do not have a major role to play in calculations of One Day Rankings)
  • »  The matches played in last three years are taken into account while calculating the ODI rank of a team.
  • »  Only one-third of the points are incorporated for the matches played in the first year of this three year duration and two-thirds of the points are included in the ranking calculation if the match is played in the second year. However, recently played matches are given more importance with full count.

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